Announcement 2018

Sguardi Altrove International Film Festival

25th Edition

March 11th – 18th, 2018

The 25th edition of “Sguardi Altrove International Woman’s Film Festival” will be held in Milan (Italy) from March 11th to March 18th, 2018.
The Festival main theme for 2018 Edition will be: Women’s Talents. The Art of Making.

  1. The Festival first aim is to encourage, through cinematographic art and expression, a reflection on relevant issues for women related to their specific cultural, political and social context but also according to a multicultural and global perspective. Therefore, the Festival itself wants to be a place for intercultural dialogue and dialectical comparison between different cinematographies as well as an opportunity to promote distribution of films that are unlikely to have access to commercial circuits, in spite of their quality and thematic relevance. The Festival pays also particular attention to emerging cinemas and young female filmmakers.
  2. The Festival is divided into 3 competitive sections:
    1. Nuovi Sguardi, for international feature-length films and documentaries directed by women – Woman Director Cinema 2018
    2. Sguardi (S)confinati, international female directed short films competition – Talent Under 35
    3. #FrameItalia – for Italian feature-length films and documentaries directed by both male and female filmmakers   – Public choice 2018
  3. The festival also includes non-competitive sections, such as:
    1. Women tell – a showcase concerned with literature, cinema and television including meetings, presentations, books, documentaries and TV productions
    2. Human Rights, Today international section dedicated to documentaries and “docu-fiction” – directed by both male and female filmmakers – focused on human rights and their violation all over the world, in peacetime as well as during wars and social, political, economic conflicts etc…
    3. Other non-competitive special sections and focus on specific themes or on particular countries or geographical and political areas, decided by the Festival direction and staff
    4. A Focus on Bulgarian cinematography
  4. Competitive sections are open only to films made by female directors and completed after March 1st, 2016. Juries will consist of a minimum of three members coming from Italian as well as international film or cultural industries.
  5.  Non-competitive sections are open to both male and female directors.
  6. The festival does not cover rental costs for the selected films in the two international sections. Shipping costs to and from Milan will be covered by the entrant, except for other agreements made with the Festival organizers.
  7. Copies for film selection (DVD or file or downloadable links) must be sent to the Festival’ s office or to the email address by December 20th , 2017 after having filled and attached the online entry form at the section “ANNOUNCEMENT 2018” at website (click here for the entry form or the link below). The organizers do not cover the transport costs of preview copies submitted for selection.Please send your materials to:Sguardi Altrove Film Festivalc/o Lattanzio-Abbascia
    Via Privata Bassano del Grappa, 32
    20127 Milano – Italy
  8. Preview copies will not be returned and will be kept in the Festival’s archive.
  9. The selection committee will inform applicants of its decisions no later than February 20th, 2018.
  10. The festival Selection Committees are responsible for the selection of films. Works invited to participate in the 2018 festival will be shown in the most appropriated section according to festival programmers.  The final version of the programme is approved by the Festival’s Artistic Director.
  11. Selected films are screened in the following accepted format: DCP, 35mm, Blu-ray, Digibeta, file mov.
    – DCP: The festival uses a server NC 1200C. Accepted file system are EXT2, EXT3 and NTSF. The hard disk must be properly packaged to prevent damage during shipment. In case of encrypted DCPs, the KDM must be valid from the day the film reaches the festival to the day after the end of the festival.
    -File: the festival accepts files in mov h264 format
  12.  A back-up copy is required for each screening copy.
  13.  Films not in Italian must be subtitled in English. If the screening copy is not identical to the one sent for selection, a new file or DVD copy must be provided for subtitling purposes.
  14. The following material is required for selected films:
    -A short synopsis of the film
    -Full film credits
    -One photo of the film director and at least three stills from the film (minimum 300 dpi)
    -Complete dialogue list in English
    -Director’s biography and filmography
    -List of festivals to which the film has already participated and Awards
    -Any other promotional material
  15. The Festival covers transport costs for selected films (only if carried by the official festival courier). Film copies will be returned within two weeks after the end of the festival. If the film is being sent to another festival, the latter is expected to cover shipment costs (for international shipments we ask to write on the mail package the words “For cultural use”).
  16. The organizers are responsible for screening copies from the day of their arrival in Milan to the day they are returned. In the event of damage, the Festival will reimburse only the value of the copy.
  17. Participants agree to give the Festival copyright for photos and excerpts of their film (for a maximum of 3 min.) for release to the media (press, TV and Internet) only for promotional purposes.
  18. Completion of the online entry form indicates the applicant’s consent to the above rules and regulations
  19. Screening and musical copyrights are under the author’s responsibilities; submission in the call involves author’s cultural right concession for nonprofit projections. Registration to the festival implies the authorization of the movie’s projection during the event. For any future possible use, the author will be contacted.Furthermore, the acceptance of the following regulations implies that the person who register the work is the one responsible to the royalties of this work.Application for entry implies the granting to Associazione Sguardi Altrove of the rights to keep the film , if selected for the Sguardi Altrove Film Festival, in its archive and / or in the Milano Film Network’s archive – including all the institutions organizing cinematographic events and festivals in the city of Milan- and also of the right to access to those archives, in order to enable the viewing of the film, in low definition with the adoption of anti-piracy measures, to cinema and audiovisual sector’s experts previously authorized by Associazione Sguardi Altrove and / or MFN (only one time for each of them).Application for entry also implies the granting of the rights to use the work, either directly or indirectly, even by its own licensees, in the Area indicated by Article 3 only for non-commercial / non-profit objectives (for example: to promote the film and/or its authors, for cultural purposes, institutional purposes of the licensee and his associated licensees, for  training initiatives at schools, etc.)
  20. The Festival does reserve the right to make decisions on matters not specified herein. Any legal disputes shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Milano courts.